Call for Papers: Urban Gentrification and Heritage Conservation in Iraq


Guest Editors: to be announced

Al-Kindi Society of Engineers, invites architects, planners, engineers, and academics working in the area of urban gentrification and heritage conservation of the built environment to submit abstracts for a special supplement to the Al-Mohandis Journal Magazine (ISSN: 2513-8294) to be published by the Al-Kindi Society of Engineers in January 2018.

Submission can include the following topics:

  • An appraisal of the research and documenting of historical gentrification efforts in Iraq
  • Conservation dynamics related to rural, urban, and suburban gentrification efforts in Iraq
  • Geospatial approach to equity, sustainability and gentrification of Iraqi cities
  • Solutions for mismanagement of historic areas in Iraq
  • Post conflict conservation, management and restoration of historic sites in Iraq

We encourage submissions of field case studies, theoretical examinations, and appraisals of current practices or policy programmes related to gentrification and cultural heritage conservation of the built environment in Iraq.

The deadline for abstract submission
(500-word limit, maximum 1 image/illustration)
1 October 2017.
Notified of provisional paper acceptance by 1 November 2017
Final paper manuscript submission due
(2000-word limit, Maximum 4 images/illustrations)
1 December 2017

All submissions (Abstract and final paper) may be submitted in English or Arabic.
For further details contact