Al-Kindi Fellowship

What is the Al-Kindi Fellowship?

Fellow is the highest grade of Al-Kindi membership for which you can apply.

The Al-Kindi Fellowship recognises the high level of experience, knowledge and ability you have attained during your career which positively affects how your peers, employer and clients perceive you.  Our fellows are respected professionals who come from a wide range of engineering backgrounds.  It is a distinction reserved for members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any engineering field are deemed fitting of this prestigious membership grade elevation.

Potential candidates are generally expected to have a minimum of ten years of demonstrable professional engineering and leadership experience.  Additionally, All Fellows are expected to fully embrace the codes of conduct and ethical obligations of the profession and have contributed to Al-Kindi Society’s (or other engineering institutions) voluntary outreach activities over the last three years.

Fellowship Goal and Criteria

The goal of the Fellowship programme is to acknowledge the high level of achievement of engineers and other scientists through leadership, influence, senior responsibility, innovations and professional service.

Your application will be peer assessed and, as a candidate, you’ll need to provide evidence of meeting both the Al-Kindi expectation for Fellows as well as demonstrating that you fulfil criteria 1 and 2 set out below and in either criteria 3a for professional engineers or 3b for academics and researchers.

Your application will be enhanced by including evidence of appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities over the past three years by means of a separate log, alongside a commitment to undertake CPD .

Applications will be welcomed by those from a wide range of engineering backgrounds or contexts.

The following criteria are adopted for Al-Kindi Fellowship nomination:

 Criteria 1:  Repute and Conduct
Summary:  Public recognition of good character and standing
Evidence: Provide a 300-500 word summary listing

• National and international awards such as decorations and honours.

• Registration with the Engineering Council (or equivalent).

• Fellowship (or equivalent) of another Professional Engineering institution.

• Awards from other professional bodies (eg FREng, FRS)

 Criteria 2:   Professional Service and Public Outreach
Summary:  Outstanding service on national and international professional engineering, or scientific organisations / bodies.
Evidence: A 300-500 word summary that provides

• demonstration of commitment to Al-Kindi Society of Engineers’ aims and objects demonstrated through continuous volunteering and membership with the Society over the last 3 years.

• Otherwise, a summary of candidate’s volunteering and engineering outreach activities, including which learned societies and institutions the candidate has worked with, their level and the length of the engagement.

For example:

• Volunteering position with international engineering bodies and university associations

• Volunteering roles with National or international charity/not-for-profit organisations focusing on engineering and scientific outreach and education.

• Role in Disaster/humanitarian relief operations or training.

• Role in National or international legislative, executive or advisory bodies.

• Contribution to public understanding of science, engineering and technology

 Criteria 3a:   Engineering and Operational Leadership
Summary:  Operational leadership responsibility for significant programmes, activities and resources within an organisation (commercial, industrial, government, military or academic).

Candidates who meet this criteria are typically working as Senior Directors, Consultants, Business Managers, Technical Specialists or Subject Area Experts.

Evidence: Please provide us with summary profile indicating

• The technical experience and insight the candidate holds, including key achievements and the range of clients served.

• The sphere of influence within an organisation demonstrated by an organisation chart that shows the candidate’s role, the number of professional engineers and other professional people that report directly and indirectly to the candidate.

• The size and scale of projects or activities delivered, with direct spending and budget responsibility.

• The level at which the candidate represents your organisation externally


NOTE: A minimum of 10 years of management and/or specialist subject area expertise is required.

 Criteria 3b: Research, Innovation and Creative Leadership
Summary:  Innovation and original research resulting in international recognition and demonstrable academic leadership responsibilities.

Candidates who meet these criteria are academics, lecturers and senior research and development engineers who hold a PhD plus more than 5 years of academic teaching and / or research experience.

Application Requirement:

• Provide a summary of published work (as principal author) and/or other public output, indicating, for example, the number of books, book chapters, journal and conference papers, and typical publishers.

• Teaching responsibilities for Scientific, Engineering and Technological fields.

• Patents.

• Invitations as conference Chair, to organising committee, Keynote speakers etc.

• Research grants and funding.

You must give references for the latest three examples in each category.

Please indicate:

• Current numbers of research students, indicating past success in supervision.

• Number of research staff managed.


NOTE: A minimum of a PhD plus 5 years of academic teaching or research and development experience is requirement.

Application Process

Your application will be peer assessed and, as a candidate, you’ll need to provide evidence of meeting both the Al-Kindi Society of Engineers’ expectation for Fellows as well as demonstrating that you can fulfil the criteria set out above.

To apply for Fellowship you’ll need to send us the evidence for the criteria of fellowship and also provide the details of two supporters who can confirm that you meet the criteria.  Each of your supporters will need to complete a supporter form which will be sent to them separately by the Al-Kindi Society of Engineers.

Your first supporter must be a Fellow or Honorary Fellow of the Al-Kindi Society of Engineers.  Your second supporter should be your line manager or equivalent – someone who has knowledge of your work.  Please contact the Membership Manager at if you need help with identifying suitable supporters for your application.

After submitting your evidence and details of the two supporters, the application will be processed by the Membership Manager who will pass your application to the Awards and Nominations committee.

The Al-Kindi Fellow grade of membership is conferred by the “Awards and Nominations” committee upon a careful assessment of the potential candidate’s application and references.  The Awards and nominations committee will make the recommendation for Fellowship to the AGM for final approval.

Each new Fellow will receive a framed certificate with the name of the Fellow and a brief citation describing the engineering accomplishment, along with a congratulatory letter from the Society.

Every year, successful Fellows will be presented with their certificates at the annual Al-Kindi Society Gala and Award Ceremony, the first of which is planned in 2018.

Information about Supporters’s role

The success or otherwise of a candidate’s fellowship application depends on the supporter’s confirmation of the status and experience being claimed by the candidate and will form a crucial part of the assessment process.

Al-Kindi Society of Engineers will then contact the supporters to ask them to confirm the professional relationship with the candidate and if they wish to offer support for the evidence submitted by the candidate against the assessment criteria.  Supporters will be asked to only endorse the candidate’s evidence or employment periods of which you have personal knowledge and direct working relationship with the candidate.

Supporters will be asked for their personal and professional view on whether the candidate meets the Fellow criteria; whether the submission reflects this; and whether there is any additional information that would assist in the assessment of the candidate.

Fellowship Registration and Membership Fee

The Membership Fee for the Fellowship Grade shall be set at £50.00 per year plus a one off initial application fee of £15 to cover admin and certification fees.

Application Form

Please complete the online application form using the link below

Alternatively, a paper form can be obtained from the Membership Manager by email