About Us

Al-Kindi Society is working to engineer a better world through active research and promotion of creativity, innovation and Engineering best practice. Al-Kindi works hard to promote the advancement of Science, Engineering and Technology and their utilisation to reduce poverty and suffering.

Our heritage dates back to 1994, when Al-Kindi Society for Engineers was first formed, and today our mission is to inspire, inform and encourage the community in the regions we operate to take up studies and careers in Science, Engineering and Technology related fields, and supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society.


Al-Kindi’s Vision, Mission and Values

Our aims and aspirations, along with the principles and means by which we wish to achieve them.

Vision : 

  • To serve the communities we operate in and making the world a better place by tackling poverty through the creation of Engineering knowledge and safe best practices and the promotion of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Mission :

  • Our mission is to inspire, educate and encourage the community to take up careers or studies in Science, Engineering and Technology related fields;
  • Support and encourage technology innovation to meet the needs of society for a better future.


  • Treat everyone with equality, integrity and respect;
  • Continually strive for excellence in all our activities;
  • Leverage teamwork to deliver benefits to the community.

Our structure

  • Al-Kindi was founded in 1994 and was incorporated in June 2014, as a private company limited by Guarantee in England and Wales. Company number (09081988)

What we do


  • Al-Kindi aims to provide expert advice to Non-Governmental Organisations, Governments and other agencies on engineering safety, best practices and other related policy issues.
  • Al-Kindi aims to produce fact files and briefings available to the public.
  • Al-Kindi is regularly in the mainstream and specialist media explaining the impacts of engineering and technology on society in the regions we operate in.

Delivering publications and services

  • Al-Kindi aims to publish a mix of scientific journals and magazines as a way of sharing knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the community and the public.
  • Al-Kindi aims to establish Technical Working Groups that generate activities covering the full spectrum of reliable information, informative events across the engineering and technology areas, to promote professionalism, safe working practice and quality of work for the benefit of the public.

Advancing education and tackling poverty

  • Al-Kindi promotes the take up of further studies in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) as a critical step in reducing poverty among the communities in the regions we operate in.
  • Al-Kindi is working to promote the maximisation of opportunities for employment in engineering and technology fields and finding work placements for the unemployed and those on low income in the regions we operate in.