Al-Kindi Society is working to engineer a better world through active research and promotion of creativity, innovation and Engineering best practice. Al-Kindi works hard to promote the advancement of Science, Engineering and Technology and their utilisation to reduce poverty and suffering.

Our heritage dates back to 1994, when Al-Kindi Society for Engineers was first formed, and today our mission is to inspire, inform and encourage the community in the regions we operate to take up studies and careers in Science, Engineering and Technology related fields, and supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society.

  • Al-Kindi Society mourns passing of its chairman

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  • Al-Kindi Society mourns passing of its chairman
  • Volunteers for Mentoring and STEM Ambassadors Wanted find out more.
  • Al-Kindi Society for Engineers is pleased to present you with the latest issue of its periodic magazine (Al-Mohandis).

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  • نظم الإنتاج اليابانية: تجارب معاصرة بين النظرية والتطبيق

    21/03/2016 افتتحت جمعية الكندي للمهندسين في لندن أولى نشاطاتها لعام 2016 بمحاضرة تحت عنوان “نظم الإنتاج اليابانية: تجارب معاصرة بين النظرية والتطبيق” ألقاها الأكاديمي المتميّز […]

  • Highways and Transportation Event

    Al-Kindi is delighted to invite you to the upcoming seminar and panel discussion organised by the Highways and Transportation, Special Interest Group of Al-Kindi Society for Engineers. […]

  • Al-Kindi holds an event during British Science Week

    Al-Kindi Society teamed up with the Iraqi Welfare Association to hold its first event of the new term to encourage the take up of Science […]

  • 2015 Conference

    منتدى الكندي حول – دور الهندسة خلال أزمة العراق يمر العراق حاليا بأزمات حادّة غير مسبوقة على مدى تاريخه الحديث، من حيث موجات النزوح الهائلة، […]

  • Seminar on Dual Technology Transfer (DTT)

    As part of Al-Kindi Research Programme and this time with focus on technology transfer; we are delighted to invite you to Al-Kindi upcoming seminar on […]

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