Call for Papers: Urban Gentrification and Heritage Conservation in Iraq

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Guest Editors: to be announced

Al-Kindi Society of Engineers, invites architects, planners, engineers, and academics working in the area of urban gentrification and heritage conservation of the built environment to submit abstracts for a special supplement to the Al-Mohandis Journal Magazine (ISSN: 2513-8294) to be published by the Al-Kindi Society of Engineers in January 2018.

Submission can include the following topics:

  • An appraisal of the research and documenting of historical gentrification efforts in Iraq
  • Conservation dynamics related to rural, urban, and suburban gentrification efforts in Iraq
  • Geospatial approach to equity, sustainability and gentrification of Iraqi cities
  • Solutions for mismanagement of historic areas in Iraq
  • Post conflict conservation, management and restoration of historic sites in Iraq

We encourage submissions of field case studies, theoretical examinations, and appraisals of current practices or policy programmes related to gentrification and cultural heritage conservation of the built environment in Iraq.

The deadline for abstract submission
(500-word limit, maximum 1 image/illustration)
1 October 2017.
Notified of provisional paper acceptance by 1 November 2017
Final paper manuscript submission due
(2000-word limit, Maximum 4 images/illustrations)
1 December 2017

All submissions (Abstract and final paper) may be submitted in English or Arabic.
For further details contact

The greatest female architect, Zaha Hadid, has departed our world

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Dame Hadid, arguably the greatest female architect of her generation died on 31 March 2016, of a heart attack in a Miami hospital, where she was being treated for bronchitis.

With great sorrow and sadness, she has departed our world at relatively, a young age of 65, and her passing is considered an enormous loss. She was born in Baghdad in 1950, the daughter of Mohammad Hadid, an industrialist and Iraq’s former finance minister, in the government of Brigadier Abdul Karim Qassim. She studied Mathematics in the American University of Beirut prior to moving, in 1972, to London to study at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. In 1980, she established her own London-based architecture practice.

A noted British architect, Lord Rogers described Zaha Hadid as “a great architect, a wonderful woman and wonderful person”.

Dame Hadid was a “visionary and highly experimental, her legacy, despite her young age, is formidable” Jane Duncan, RIBA’s president, told the Guardian newspaper.

Her global impact was profound and her legacy will be felt for many years to come because she shifted the culture of architecture and the way that we experience buildings” according to another Stirling prize winner Amanda Levete.

Tributes have poured in after the announcement of her death was made, on Thursday, 31 March 16 from prominent architects, the British culture minister, the Mayor of London, the Iraqi Government, and Tamara Rojo of the British National Ballet, to name just few.

Her inspirational talents won her many awards, which were all in recognition of her visionary and pioneering, and ground-breaking theoretical works.  In an interview a few years ago with Channel 4, she said that she struggled a great deal at the beginning of her career being woman in her field.   She was very proud of her origin as an Iraqi and became a shining beacon to young Iraqi female students.  The substantial body of her work was not only beautiful and artistic but reflected a new sense of modernism and futurism she had envisioned for the world.

Her early work includes several conceptual designs that were not realised including the Cardiff Bay Opera, Trafalgar Square and several projects in Germany including the Hamburg Docklands, and the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. Her first realised project was the Vitra Fire Station in Germany followed by several major international projects including the BMW Central Building, Leipzig, the Guangzhou Opera House, China and the MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome, Italy which was the winner of the 2010 Stirling Prize Award. Her most notable projects are the Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi, the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre in Baku and the London Aquatics Centre for the London 2012 Olympics.

Her work includes over 950 designs covering 44 countries, which in itself is a breath-taking accomplishment featuring innovation, quality and a depth of immaculate designs, and their precise implementations.

Hadid was, in her own right, the first female to receive the prestigious RIBA Gold Medal in 2015 and was also the first female recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004. Dame Hadid was the recipient of the Stirling Prize two years in a row. Other awards include the Republic of France’s Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and Japan’s Praemium Imperiale.  Hadid was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 2002 and Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 2012 Birthday Honours for services to architecture, the first woman of Arab origin to have such an honour.

Zaha Hadid was in many ways a person of our own and was a good friend to the Al-Kindi Society, and we collaborated closely with her office, last of which, in hosting our world class conference in January 2016 on Iraq Architecture and the Planning.

She will surely be missed by the architecture community and the world of art, science and engineering in general.  For Iraq, she was always the loving, loyal and faraway daughter waving high like a flag.  Her memory and in particular, her work has written many pages in the history of architecture, which will live on to inspire many generations to come.

Dr Najah Kadhim


Al-Kindi Society for Engineers


الدكتور عدنان يوسف رجيب ينشر بحثا أصيلا للعلاج من السرطان

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قام الدكتور عدنان يوسف رجيب بنشر بحثا أصيلا عن الأسباب الجوهرية لحصول السرطان والطرق الناجحة لعلاجه ، والبحث بعنوان:

Novel strategy of a method to cure from the cancer حيث نشرت البحث المجلة العلمية الدورية

   Cancer Research Journal وذلك في نهاية يناير 2015

Short Term Investment Essential for Long Term Benefit

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Delivering the keynote speech to the Al-Kindi Society forum — The Role of Engineering during Iraq’s Crisis — in London at the weekend, Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne (pictured) emphasised that short term investment in Iraqi infrastructure was essential for the long term benefit of the country.

أ. د. محمد الربيعي : هل حقا يريد الوطن الاستفادة من علماءه وكفاءاته في الخارج؟

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في العالم لا يختلف اثنان حول اهمية الكفاءات المهاجرة في بناء البلد الا في العراق فشأن هذا الموضوع شأن المواضيع الساخنة الاخرى التي تعرقل حل المشاكل والقضاء على الازمات ودفع مسيرة التطور الاقتصادي والاجتماعي الى الامام. وفي العالم لا جدال حول اهمية العنصر البشري في العملية الاقتصادية مهما كان انتمائه او لون بشرته او مكان اقامته طالما يمتلك الخبرة والكفاءة والمعرفة التي تتلائم مع احتياجات المجتمع التنموية، فدول العالم اهتمت وتهتم بكفاءاتها الموجودين في الخارج كأهتمامها بكفاءات الداخل، لا بل تعطي اهتماما اكبر لكفاءات الخارج بسبب تمكنها ونجاحها في مجتمعات متطورة ومتقدمة وفي اجواء تنافسية عالية ولتمتعها بدرجة عالية من التعليم والمهارة.

أ. د. محمد الربيعي : هل من ضرورة لاصلاح التعليم العالي في العراق؟

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ترتبط فلسفة التعليم العالي في اية دولة متطورة بتطور المجتمع وتقدمه، وذلك لان الجامعات هي المعقل الاساسي والرئيسي لبناء القدرات والمهارات وتطوير وتحسين اداء الافراد في المجتمع. والفرق بين المجتمعات هو فرق الانسان بما يحمله من علم وفكر وثقافة وقدرة على الابداع والانتاج والتطوير.

واقع الحال في العراق، والامر بات عاديا في مجتمع غير مستقر، ان ادوار الجامعة قد تقلصت في بناء الانسان فهي تواجه مشكلات كثيرة يعرفها القائمون عليها وتحديات جسام تكبل من دورها وتعيق حركتها، وهي تحديات ترتبط بواقع المجتمع العراقي الذي يحمل اثقالا كبيرة تحول من دخوله الى عالم مجتمع المعرفة وانتاجها وبالتالي تحويلها الى قوة اقتصادية واجتماعية ترقى بالبلاد الى مصاف الدول المتطورة. ولربما اهم هذه التحديات هي تنمية مهارات الانسان وتطوير اداءه وهي من مهمات الجامعات وعلى عاتقها يقع توفير اليات ونظم تستند الى تقنيات المعرفة لتساعد الانسان العراقي دخول مجتمع المعرفة والمشاركة في انتاج المعارف العالمية.

Tapping into the Seas; Can Desalination Address the World’s Water Shortages?

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Water is not just the essential ingredient for life, but everything on earth, is sustained by water (And we made from water every living thing [1]). While it is a fact that the total amount of water on earth has not changed over billions of years, the amount of currently available fresh water in rivers, lakes and streams (representing only 0.1% of the water on earth), is in continuous decline due to rapidly increased consumption as a result of population growth, industrial use, climate change, etc.

ترجمة المهندس عصام الداغر: مقاومة المباني للهزات الأرضيه وتقليل الخسائر البشريه

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مقاومة المباني للهزات الأرضيه وتقليل الخسائر البشريه. ترجمة المهندس عصام الداغر

أجرى عدد من المهندسين ترأسهم البروفسور يوليو راميرز والبروفسور ميت سوزن أستاذي الهندسه المدنيه في جامعة بيوردو الأمريكيه ( Purdue University ) أجروا دراسه حول تأثير الهزات الأرضيه التي حدثت في تركيا منذ عام 2003 على المباني ونقاط الضعف في هياكل المباني التي تؤدي الى انهيارها وزيادة الخسائر البشريه.
اشار التقرير الذي أعده هؤلاء المهندسون حديثاً لمؤسسة العلوم الوطنيه في الولايات المتحده (the National Science Foundation )الى أن الهزات الأرضيه الحقت اضراراً جسيمه بـ 180 بنايه من ضمنها 48 مدرسه وأربع ملاجئ للإيواء. وذكر التقرير أن 168 شخصا معضمهم من الأطفال قتلوا نتيجة انهيار المباني اثناء حصول الهزات الأرضيه وان واحدا من الملاجئ الأربعة قتل فيه 87 شخصاً.

ترجمة المهندس عصام الداغر: دورالجاذبية الأرضية في إنهيار عدد من الجسور في مدينة نيو أورليانز الامريكية

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تعرض عدد من الجسور المهمه في مدينه نيو أورليانز الأمريكيه إلى أضرار كبيرة بعد أن ضربها الإعصار كاترينا ولم يعرف للوهلة الأولى سبب تضرر هذه الجسور بهذا الشكل الكبير الذي وصل في بعض الحالات إلى حد الإنهيار . يُذكر أن الإعصار كاترينا يعتبر واحداً من أقوى الأعاصير التي تضرب السواحل الجنوبيه الشرقيه لأمريكا وعادة ما يخلف خسائر مادية كبيرة

About Abu Yusuf Al-Kindi

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The charity is named Al-Kindi Society after the name of the famous scientist Abu Yusuf Al-Kindi.
Yaqub Al-Kindi, born in Kufa 801 AD, during Haroun Al-Rashid’s rule.  Al-Kindi was educated in Basrah and Baghdad and served under four of the Caliphs, he was in top standing as a philosopher during the rule of Al-Ma’mun, when Baghdad was the foremost cultural center in the world.